Fireside chat with Nathalie Lennon

Fireside Chat May 16, 2018

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Fireside chat with Nathalie Lennon



Hi Nathalie,


Thanks for joining us on our Fireside Chat. We gather that you are an Influencer within the Lifestyle Wellbeing and Nutrition space.


I bet you know what is coming next…  our traditional horoscope verdict before the Fireside Chat - don’t worry it will be fun!


Nathalie, you are Sagittarius and a Rooster in the Chinese horoscope. You will be happy to know that the Rooster in the Chinese culture is considered to be the personification of fidelity and punctuality.


So it’s safe to say that you will be there no matter what for the community.   

Looking at both horoscopes the common positive traits we found are that you are curious, warm-hearted and optimistic.





I think is time to kickstart our Fireside Chat. So, Nathalie what was your childhood dream?



Nathalie: My childhood dream was to be a dancer by day, and spy by night to be honest!


Interviewer: A dancing spy 😊!! I guess the spy ties into the curious positive trait mentioned earlier in the horoscope and the dancing part… sure everyone loves to buggy every now and then.



Let’s dance our way towards what makes you tick… what was the best book you ever read?



Nathalie: The best book I ever read… I need to read more books. Awaken the Giant Within was my favourite so far! It’s by Anthony Robbins and is about how one can clarify their personal values, resolve internal conflicts, master emotions, and overcome debilitating habits.


Interviewer: True, sometimes it is hard to make time to read - however it is all about making it a habit and the time will magically appear.





Nathalie, you’re an inspiration and role model for lots of people, what is the best advice you ever received from someone?  



Nathalie: The best advice I received to date is to remember that whatever life throws at us, we are not alone, God's hand is always there to guide you & be in your presence.


Interviewer: That is powerful advice, it's important that everyone knows that they are not alone in the journey called life.



Keeping the same line of thought Nathalie, what advice would you give someone beginning their lifestyle transformation journey?  



Nathalie: Ensure that every little change you make is one you can see yourself sustaining for the rest of your life.


Interviewer: Wow... equally powerful advice, most people find it hard to change so if you jump that initial hurdle of change you better sustain it. πŸ˜‰



Can you share with us, what are the 3 main techniques you use to motivate yourself?



Nathalie: The first, short & long term goal planning & assessing those weekly. Surrounding myself with likeminded people, and mindfulness.


Interviewer: Knowing what you want, planning it out and making yourself accountable by assessing it regularly is surely a great motivational technique.





What would you consider to be your 3 major strengths?



Nathalie: My three major strengths are (i) I am extremely driven when I have a task to do; (ii) I tend to be a perfectionist at times (iii) and I like to think I am very understanding.


Interviewer: You are very understanding but guys don’t push it 😊 on a more serious note to achieve what you have, you need to be driven and always seeking the so-called perfection.



What would be 3 areas you would like to improve?



Nathalie: I need to toughen up a little at times, improve my sleeping pattern, and learn when I have taken on enough work.


Interviewer: It’s great that you’ve mentioned improving sleeping patterns as this is a vital aspect on one’s wellbeing. The quality of sleep is  a really important factor , I have to say my deep sleep stats are brutal  lol.





This Fireside chat just flew by and we have arrived at the final question where we all want to know - what is your major goal in 2018?



Nathalie: My major goal for 2018 is to return to college for my second degree to start my path to becoming a qualified dietician!


Interviewer: We will all be rooting for you to become a qualified dietician and keep on sharing life changing insights with the community.


Nathalie you have been an absolute sport, thanks for participating on our Fireside Chat and sharing your thoughts with the community.



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