Fireside Chat with Lorna Wilson

Fireside Chat Jan. 12, 2018

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Fireside Chat with Lorna Wilson

Hi Lorna,

Thanks for joining us on our Fireside chat. We understand that you are an influencer within the Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Nutrition and Fitness space.


Before we jump into the interview we thought it would be fun to check your horoscope beforehand.  You’re Capricorn and a Dog in the Chinese Horoscope. You will be happy to know that 2018 is the year of the Dog in the Chinese horoscope! 

Here are some common positive traits we found between the two horoscopes – you are Determined, Loyal and Responsible. This is a great way to kick start our chat by understanding your traits. Let’s jump into it!



What was your childhood dream Lorna?


Lorna: To become a guard hahaha or a deep sea diver.

Interviewer: There is still plenty of time for a career change 😊





What’s the best book you ever read?


Lorna: “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k.”

Interviewer: That’s the one by Mark Manson, where Manson advises on people knowing their limitations and to accept them.


With everyone we interview, we always like to ask what was the best advice that you ever received from someone?


Lorna: The best advice I ever received was that – “Everything happens for a reason, what’s meant to be will be.”

Interviewer: Great you believe in destiny, we’re with you on that!



If you were to give advice to anyone beginning their lifestyle journey Lorna, what would that be?


Lorna:  I would say do a lot of research, don’t read silly magazines, there’s a lot of fake stuff in them. Speak to a coach or a Professional Trainer or anyone qualified.

Interviewer: It’s key to get guidance from the correct people.






This is a great segway to our next question. What are the 3 main techniques you use to motivate yourself?


Lorna:  I personally use progress photos, reward myself such as new clothes or hot chocolate and my boyfriend motivates me like crazy!

Interviewer: Interesting I didn’t expect the hot chocolate, it’s totally important to have treat goal and a method to incentivise us when we are not really motivated to do anything.



We are all curious. What would you consider to be your 3 major strengths?


Lorna: I consider myself to be confident. I’ve no problem speaking in front of crowds. My glutes! 😊 And I’m extremely grateful.

Interviewer: Gratitude, that has been a key method advocated by Mindfullness Experts for the year. It rewires the brain to have positive thoughts. I’m trying it myself this year. I was at Fresh Resolutions and heard Alison Canavan, Pat Divilly and Jack Kavanagh advocating about the gratitude journal. It’s really interesting to see this coming to the forefront!


Let’s move on to your aspirations. What are the 3 areas you would like to improve Lorna?


Lorna:  I plan to work on being more positive with situations, working on my depression and moods and I want to care less what people think about me.

Interviewer: Thanks for sharing, I would say the 3rd could be quite hard when you have such a big social media following but we’re sure you’re strength of mind with prevail.


To wrap up we are asking all Spotlighters what are their major goals in 2018. What is yours Lorna?


Lorna:  Mine are (i) to do a proper cut - for my summer holidays, (ii) to get lean but stay as muscly, curvy and as healthy as possible and (iii) I want to start YouTube channel.

Interviewer: Thanks again Lorna for taking the time for the Fireside chat and sharing your knowledge and experience with the WeSavvy Community. Let us know when you launch the Youtube channel!



If anyone has any other questions or would like to connect with Lorna,  you can reach Lorna on:


Instagram: Lornawilson_

Facebook: Lorna.wilson90

LinkedIn: Lorna Wilson


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