Fireside Chat with Eva Butterly

Fireside Chat March 29, 2018

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Fireside Chat with Eva Butterly



Hi Eva,


Thanks for joining us on our Fireside Chat. We gather that you are an Influencer within the fitness space and see you as an amazing example of strength and success against the odds.


We’re going to do as we always do and will submit you to our horoscope verdict. For your zodiac sign, Virgo - this year is going to be intense! It’s going to be socially busy as well. Your Chinese horoscope, the Goat sign, also says that this year is a time of new opportunities. It’s looks like there is an interesting time ahead of you!


Now that we know what the stars have in store for you, we can get straight into the interview. We would like to ask you some questions so our community can get to know you better.




So Eva, lets kick start this Fireside Chat by asking what was your childhood dream?



Eva: I’ve always naturally gravitated to being a performer of some kind. When I was 3 my Mam brought me to see Barney the dinosaur live in concert. Being the little showgirl that I was - I hopped on stage and started singing and dancing with the actors. Not performing the same routine as them, but making up my own. Eventually the bouncer had to lift me down from the stage, to say I was reluctant to leave was an understatement ðŸ˜Š    



Interviewer: A performer! I’m sure you put on a fantastic show at the Barney dinosaur live concert.



What’s the best book you ever read?



Eva: I found "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn very moving. It explains a typical day in a forced labor camp in the Soviet gulag system, through the eyes of Ivan Denisovich - a man imprisoned for 10 years for a crime he didn't commit. 


Life in the camp is incredibly tough, prisoners are forced to do hard labor up until -41c (anything below is considered bearable), prisoners are assigned to a gang and given daily tasks to complete, the amount they are fed is determined by their daily labor effort. 


Despite all of this there is a camaraderie among the prisoners in an effort to survive, such as stealing extra bowls of porridge and felt. These small victories are celebrated by Ivan, and inevitably what gets him through the day.


The message I took from this book is that no matter what conditions or circumstances you find yourself in - the only thing you have complete control over is your mindset, and that will inevitably help you conquer even the toughest obstacles life may throw at you. 



Interviewer: There’s also a lot of movies that are about the mindset of man in a critical situation. A great one is 12 years a slave by Steve McQueen.



Eva, do you remember the best advice you received from someone?  



Eva: Yes I do and it was a very simple and not so eloquently put piece of advice my brother once told me was "Eva, get your head out of your arse."


Something I am really trying to cultivate this year is developing more kindness towards the world.


Naturally, I gravitate towards being a little bit self absorbed, and that comes from having a huge amount of thoughts circulating through my head all the time.


Anytime I am feeling this way, I always remember what my brother said- and it helps me see the bigger picture. It helps me to understand prospectives outside of my own. It makes me go out of my way to help people, it makes me a more compassionate person.  



Interviewer: Your brother sounds like a down to earth guy and big kudos to you on following his advice.






This brings us nicely to the following question - Eva, what was the best advice you ever received from someone?



Eva: The best advice I received was don’t overwhelm myself with trying to do too much all at once. Take 1 task per week and really commit to that. If you want to develop your fitness, start by doing 2 sessions a week in the gym and swapping your daily fizzy drink for a herbal tea. 


If you try and go from a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet choices to 5 gym sessions a week and strictly clean gluten/dairy/soy etc free diet, you will get overwhelmed and your probability of sticking to the plan is minimal. 


Adapt 1 small change every week. You want to enjoy your new lifestyle, not punish yourself in the process. Find an exercise that your really enjoy, experiment with cooking a new healthy recipe. You never know what creativity and joy may come out of that 😊   



Interviewer: Yes, it's all about balance and making positive lifestyle choices and enjoying the process.




Eva, what are the 3 main techniques you use to motivate yourself?




Eva: Switching my thinking to 'I GET TO DO IT' gives me the greatest motivation.


I love the sense of achievement created through doing something that is outside of your comfort zone, or something that you really don't want to do. I live for that feeling.


Many people in the world are not so privileged and through circumstances outside of their control, there are limited options available to them. 


The fact that I have full use of my body and mind, have a support system of family and friends, and live in a safe first world country is something to be incredibly grateful for. 



Interviewer: That’s a nice technique to motivate yourself and it’s surely a great way to motivate others on what really is important.





What would you consider to be your 3 major strengths?  



Eva: My three major strengths are (i) Determination - When I have a vision for something that I want to achieve, I become laser focused on that goal and must accomplish it to the best of my ability. This is a good and a bad thing because although I generally always complete the task, a lot of other important things are neglected in the process. I am working on trying to find more of a balance here. 


(ii) -Common Sense ("Street Smarts')  - Fortunately I have well developed emotional intelligence. This ability enabled me to move to a foreign country at a young age on my own, pick up random jobs where the basic premise is that you have to be a good 'peoples person' ie- hold conversations and relate to different people on a basic human level. It is a great survival skill. 


(iii) Discipline - I get a great sense of achievement out of having a routine and structure. In Drama college we learned the principle of being 'comfortably uncomfortable', and that has always stuck when I find myself in situations outside of my comfort zone. Having strong discipline has allowed me to work through difficult life situations, which in turn cultivates great learning lessons. 



Interviewer: Determination, Common Sense and Discipline, that is a Power Smoothy right there.




We know that determination and Discipline are a few of your strengths, Is there anything you would like to improve about yourself?   




Eva: Sure there is, I would like to work on my - Kindness/Compassion as I said earlier, this is something I really want to work on developing in 2018. Being kind in all areas of life brings so much more joy and happiness 



Another aspect I would like to work on is my Emotional Availability, I think opening yourself up to people creates stronger bonds. Vulnerability is something I subconsciously always 'shyed' away from because Iv'e always been so focused on being strong and independent. This year I am focusing on spending more time with my friends and family, and really listening when they talk- as opposed to just waiting to respond. 


I also would like to work on my relaxation, we live in a fast paced culture where relaxation is often frowned upon. I have always found it hard to just 'relax' and 'chillout'. It wasn't until I developed imbalanced hormones, adrenal fatigue and amenorrhea that I realized something needed to change. Now I allow myself time to sleep more, meditate daily and go easier on myself. 



Interviewer: I think relaxation is a key aspect and mastering it is a giant leap towards improving all aspects of one’s live.





With this we have reached the end of our Fireside Chat, before we go can you share with us your major goal in 2018?  



Eva: Sure! To be happy. That is number 1. I also want to get my wee personal training business up and off the ground. I am turning a shed out of back of my parents house into a fully functional gym facility. My aim is to establish a solid client base, with a sole focus on helping those with physical impairments. 



Interviewer: Wow you are really turning the shed into a fully functional gym facility! That is determination right there.  




Eva, I has been inspiring talking to you, I will take this opportunity to thank for sharing your thoughts with us. 



If anyone has any other questions or would like to connect with Eva, feel free to reach out on:






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