Fireside Chat with Aaron Smyth

Fireside Chat April 9, 2018

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Fireside Chat with Aaron Smyth



Hi Aaron,


Thanks for joining us on our Fireside Chat. We understand that you are an influencer in the Mindfulness, Nutrition and Health & Fitness space. Before we go dive into our fireside chat, let’s check in with our now traditional horoscope verdict.

Aaron, you are Taurus and a Snake in the chinese horoscope. It seems like this will be your year and that you’ll have quite a good fortune in every aspect.  


The common positive traits we found between both horoscopes are that you are hard working, reliable and ambitious.




Picking up from your ambitious attributes, can you tell us, what was your childhood dream?


Aaron: My childhood dream was to become a  Fireman but I think it was more the idea of helping and saving people that I loved.  I liked the idea of being a “hero” to people.



Interviewer: You are now helping lots of people and I’m sure many people will have super hero Aaron on speed dial.



What’s the best book you ever read?  


Aaron: I enjoy reading and the best book I’ve read so far is Brain over Binge from Kathryn Hansen. 



Interviewer: Brain over Binge gives a captivating and personal account of bulimia and binge eating disorder from an informative scientific perspective. It’s definitely not for the light minded.



Aaron, what was the best advice you ever received from someone?


Aaron: My Mum always told me that I can achieve anything I put my mind to, which is something I’ve always kept in the forefront of my thoughts! 



Interviewer: That is a great advice to go by, many people live by the ethos that; If you believe or visualise it you will surely achieve it, well not exactly in those words :D



You have shared a bit of knowledge from your mum. Now Aaron, what would be the piece of advice you would give to someone.


Aaron: A piece of advice I would give to someone… Be patient and don’t be afraid to mess up. I also advise people to never be afraid to ask for advice from people who’ve been in a similar position to you. 


Interviewer: I agree, patience and knowing that you can learn from other people's experience is key. 


Can you share with us the 3 main techniques you use to motivate yourself?


Aaron: Hahaha it’s not a secret at all..  As I say, Eat the Frog... which means get your least favorite tasks done first! Another one is to write down what you want to get done daily, and lastly, but surely not least, is to write 3 things you’re grateful for. 



Interviewer: I love the eating the frog technique … by putting it that way I am sure our readers will quickly adopt this technique.  The concept of writing 3 things one is grateful for  is a very humbling idea, there are  alot of things we take for granted.



This leads us nicely to the question, what would you consider to be your 3 major strengths?  


Aaron: My three major strengths are (i) I’m very determined; (ii) I’m always looking to learn something new (iii) I’m a really outgoing person.



Interviewer: I have to say I am  not really that surprised that you picked those 3 as your major strengths, from talking to you I can clearly see these attributes.



And when it comes to constructive self criticism, what would be the 3 areas you would like to improve?  


Aaron: I have a few areas I would like to improve, I would  love to develop myself more as a businessman, I want to learn more about accounts & finance and I need to have more patience. 



Interviewer: Learning more about accounting and finance will come in handy to manage all the good fortunes the horoscope envisioned for you this year!




The last question, the big thing - what is your major goal in 2018?  



Aaron: My major goal in 2018 is to be in a position to have my dream house with my girlfriend.


Interviewer: Sláinte to that Aaron! For all our non Irish readers that means let's toast to that!



Aaron that concludes our Fireside chat, it has been our pleasure having you today and  thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with our community.  



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