Can An Industry That Has Not Innovated For Decades Change?

Industry June 14, 2015

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Can An Industry That Has Not Innovated For Decades Change?

Can an industry that has not innovated for decades change?


The way we live, work and interact has changed immensely in the past 10 years yet the way that insurance is distributed has not moved with the times. I’m Hesus, the Founder of WeSavvy, a platform that will tackle this challenge head on!


After studying and working in the industry for the past decade, as a Millennial it’s difficult to understand how the industry, which has formed the backbone of society, has lost it’s way.


In our future blog posts we will be speaking about insurance topics through the eyes of a Millennial including suitable products, product distribution, technological trends impacting the industry, aligning insurance to one’s lifestyle goals and generational differences in the perception of insurance.


We will be questioning whether the insurance industry can change to suit the needs of a Millennial, who no longer wants to be just sold insurance but wants insurance to help them fulfill their goals.


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