Ireland’s top Fitness Enthusiasts’ health and fitness tips #1: Jayne O’Toole

Fitness Influencer Aug. 10, 2015

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Ireland’s top Fitness Enthusiasts’ health and fitness tips #1: Jayne O’Toole

Ireland’s top Fitness Enthusiasts’ health and fitness tips #1: Jayne O’Toole


World Health Organization statistics state that just 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, 5 days a week is enough to promote good health, reduce the risk of ischaemic heart disease by approximately 30%, diabetes by 27% and breast and colon cancer by 21-25%. Physical activity also lowers the risk of anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.


In our never-ending mission to get you in the greatest health and fitness shape of your life, we’ve grilled Ireland’s top fitness experts to give you the perfect health fitness training tips for both men and women; small gems that will make a huge difference.


For the next few weeks, each of our blog posts will feature top 3 nutritional and fitness tips, from a fitness enthusiast, relating to how you can improve your health and fitness regime.


This week’s tips come from Jayne O’Toole, a nutritional advisor and Co-Owner of Here are Jayne’s top nutritional and fitness tips.


Nutritional Tips


1 – Eat real food



What does this mean exactly? We hear eat clean and eat real food said a lot but what does it mean. My thoughts here are if you have to read the ingredients to find out what you are eating then you probably shouldn’t be eating it (or eat it sparingly). Eat a balanced diet full of natural produce – meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, dairy, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Eating unprocessed natural foods makes acquiring the macro (Carb/Fat/Protein) and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) your body needs a lot easier. Cut out processed food and refined sugars from your diet as much as possible and this will have a huge impact on your overall health.


2 – Hydrate



Water is an important tool in keeping us healthy. We often mistake dehydration for hunger so staying hydrated can help with maintaining a feeling of satiety. Water helps your body function correctly and efficiently by flushing out excess waste and toxins. Dehydration can also lead us to feel lethargic and less energy makes us less inclined to be active!


3 – Preparation & Planning



Plan out your weekly meals and snacks and do a shopping list. Invest in some Tupperware and try to meal prep in advance and freeze up some portions for nights you are too busy to cook. Bring healthier snack alternatives with you on the go (fruit, nuts, seeds, veggie crudités etc). This may seem a hassle at the start but it will make eating well and sticking to your plan a lot easier in the long term. This will benefit your waistline and your purse.


Fitness Tips


1 – Weight training



If you want to build lean muscle and burn fat then weight training of some description is a necessity. Be it lifting weights, working with resistance bands or doing bodyweight training (gymnastic work, Pilates, calisthenics), all of these will help you achieve a leaner, stronger body and build muscle. More muscle means increased fat burning! For women weight training helps in preventing osteoporosis as it develops bone density which is an added bonus. Weight training and lifting heavy does not make women bulky and thankfully I think this is becoming more apparent of late with women embracing lifting heavy and getting lean and strong.


2 – Interval training




Fifteen to 20 minutes of interval training can burn as many calories as an hour of traditional, steady-state cardio. And unlike the slower longer sessions, intervals can keep your body burning long after the workout ends.


You can work any preferred movements into interval sets and it’s a training method you can use anywhere incorporating weights, sprints & body weight movements. Download an app like Gym boss for your phone if you want to do some at home interval training.


A favourite of mine for a quick burner is Tabata – 8 sets of 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. Do 3 sets of these, one with push-ups, one with sit-ups and one with air squats or lunges. That’s a full body workout you can do any time anywhere in 12 minutes! Keep it varied and you won’t get bored. Interval sprints outside on a sunny day can be a lot of fun too!


3 – Mobility & Flexibility



Good movement is key for safe training. Take care of your body and you will get more out of it. Introduce yoga to your weekly regime be it a class or learning some good stretches/ routines you can do at home. Warm up correctly prior to training and foam roll and stretch when you are done. On rest days try to spend some time stretching or rolling. Keeping your body mobile and flexible will prevent pain and injury and give you an increased range of motion in your movements.


If you would like more useful tips from Jayne here are her details:



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