Let your Lifestyle dictate your insurance

  • You live it, You control it!

    What can be better than being rewarded for your healthy lifestyle? It’s a win-win proposition for improving your health and being rewarded in the process.

  • Leverage your activity to receive personalised offers

    Our partners are waiting to reward you with cool products and services and the only thing you need to do is to Walk, Run or Cycle. Make a positive lifestyle choice and give us the pleasure of rewarding you.

  • Track - Engage - Learn about your Lifestyle

    Go beyond step tracking. Understanding your lifestyle data has never been so easy. We enable you to benchmark your data in real time against your social network, so you can push yourself a little bit day by day.

  • Create your digital Lifestyle Vault

    All your Lifestyle information is centralised in one place, accessible for you to share at any time, in an anonymised manner. Share your data with Financial Service Providers, NGO's, Research and more... We put you in the driving seat!

  • Enable - Encourage - Inspire your Community

    The right motivation is the key to success. Compete with your Family, Friends, Colleagues and earn rewards together. Grow at your own pace, reach new heights and dare to be different.

  • Make a difference and put a smile on someone's face

    Join our One Metric Only Cause. Track and Share your heart rate for research. Donate your heart data in an anonymised manner for research.

Lifestyle Insurance

Make good Lifestyle choices and reap the benefits through your insurance.
  • Download App

    WeSavvy automatically syncs with the devices you already use.

  • Be Active

    Join the community. Walk, Run, Cycle or Workout and earn cash points.

  • Earn Points

    Spend earned points in our Marketplace on products and services.


More activity = More rewards

You earn points every day. Your score is based on your monthly average activity.


40 points


30 points


25 points


20 points


15 points


10 points

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